Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty


The KAM Extended Service Contract guarantees the optimum performance of your appliance, or we will repair it at no charge to you. If we cannot fix it, we’ll replace it at no charge to you. You may purchase an Extended Service Contract at either the time of sale or anytime up until the one-year anniversary of ownership.

Your extended warranty will give you the peace of mind knowing you will have NO repair bills, NO deductibles, and NO worries that something will go wrong with one of your biggest investments

Coverage Period

  • KAM’s Extended Service Contract covers the product for a total of 5 years from the date of delivery.
  • Contract may be transferred to a new homeowner during the duration of the agreement, but is only valid if the product remains at the original delivery address during the life of the program.
  • The half back portion is non-transferable to the new homeowner and the purchaser forfeits the credit.


  • At the conclusion of 5 years from the date of delivery, you may qualify for 50% of the contract purchase price in the form of an in-store credit.
  • If the product is exchanged or replaced while under manufacturer warranty, the original date of delivery remains the start date of the 5-year extended warranty on the replacement product.
  • The customer does have the option to buy a contract at the time of the exchange. Any time left on the original contract will be void and 5 years would start over from the date of delivery on the new product.


  • Contract covers 100% of diagnostic charges, labor, and parts during the warranty period.
  • All repairs must be diagnosed and performed by a KAM representative
  • KAM reserves the right to replace the product with a one of equal or similar features if parts or exact model are not available.
  • Refrigeration food spoilage protection of up to $150.
  • Products are not covered if failure is due to:
  • - Normal wear and tear
    - Power surges

Half Back Program Eligibility

  • The Extended Service Contract must not have been used.
  • A technician was never dispatched to the home anytime during the 5 years of coverage from date of delivery.
  • The Extended Service Contract was purchased at full price.
  • Returned items are not eligible for the half back program.
  • Contact KAM within 90 days after the term of contract expires to request the half back non-refundable credit.


The KAM Extended Service Contract does not cover:

  • Cosmetic parts which include, but are not limited to:
  •  - Handles & knobs
     - Bins & shelves
     - Doors & panels
     - Toe kicks
     - Water filters
     - Bulbs
     - Filters
     - Grates
  • Products used in a commercial setting or for commercial use
  • Outdoor products of any kind

Service may be scheduled by contacting KAM Service at 800-649-1790 or emailing

Call for Extended Warranty Information: 800-649-2221.